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Dinosaur Larger Than TRex Was a Great Swimmer Ate Sharks

Dinosaur Larger Than TRex Was a Great Swimmer Ate Sharks


The 44,000-pound 50-foot-long Spinosaurus measured more than 9 feet longer than the world's largest documented T. rex specimen.

Monstrous dinosaur was larger than a T-rex, and a swimmer who ate sharks

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I thought the T-rex really needed to be swimming in this picture. Btw could T-Rexes swim?

Megalodon prehistoric shark, artwork

Galagadon Shark

Megalodon vs Mosasaurus: Who would win?


Spinosaurus was discovered in the Sahara more than a century ago by German paleontologist Ernst Freiherr Stromer von Reichenbach, but all of his fossils ...

Bigger Than T. rex: Spinosaurus | National Geographic

Giant Spinosaurus Was Bigger Than T. Rex—And First Dinosaur Known to Swim

A huge Megalodon shark swims after a pod of striped dolphins.

Dinosaur-era shark with snake's head and 300 teeth found off Portuguese coast

megalodon shark size vs a great white, mosasaur, blue whale, bus, person, t- rex, elephant, etc.

First ever evidence of a swimming, shark-eating dinosaur

Great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) swimming in Pacific ocean water of Guadalupe Island,

Scientists Identify First Swimming Dinosaur

Spinosaurus: Earth's First Swimming Dinosaur : Science : Nature World News

Eons ago: An illustration shows what the Galagadon would have looked like in life,

Ranger Rick Sharks June July 2015 1

A replica of Spinosaurus on display at a museum in Taipei, Taiwan, January 21

an underwater image from the movie showing a megalodon shark swimming past a person in a

Ranger Rick Sharks June July 2015

However, you probably won't find a regular shark in a Jurassic World theme park, even if modern sharks swam the seas while the T-Rex walked the earth.

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Rare, ferocious and 'Bigger Than T. rex'

This 11-year-old dinosaur is the most complete adolescent T. Rex ever


Shark-munching Spinosaurus was first-known water dino: study. WASHINGTON: There once was a dinosaur, bigger than a T. rex ...

Is 'Jurassic World's Water Dinosaur Real? Details About The Shark-Eating Beast May Surprise You

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Huge, slanted, interlocking teeth seem perfectly shaped to catch fish. Illustrates DINOSAUR (category a), by Rachel Feltman (c) 2014, ...

Your Guide to the Cloned Dinosaurs of 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' - TheStreet

Sue the T. rex, pride of Chicago's Field Museum, was relocated in 2018

The Biggest, Baddest Dinosaur Ever Has Been Discovered

Imagine ...

Cause of Megalodons' extinction revealed

Drone captures a serious shiver of sharks off Florida coast


The Rise and Fall of the Shark-Toothed Dinosaurs

Reality – What Famous Dinosaurs Really Looked Like

Shark evolution: a 450 million year timeline

Bigger Than T. rex


shark swimming in blue water

REAL ancient mega-shark the megalodon that was three times bigger than Jaws with teeth as 'big as a hand' is brought back to life in action film The Meg

mosasaurus3 Mosasaurus

The Holy Grail of Dinosaurs?

Illustration for article titled Jurassic Park Lied to You: T-Rex Had Great Eyesight

A blue shark swimming in the ocean

PNSO Mamenchisaurus and Megalodon models.

Liopleurodon Shark

tooth size comparison: megalodon and modern great white sharkMegalodon (Carcharocles megalodon) tooth (right), significantly larger than the modern great ...

AustinTranslation Meg Shark, Shark Art, Baby Shark, T Rex Tattoo, Dinosaur Wallpaper

Mosasaurus VS Megalodon [Who Would Win?]

Monster Sharks: Megalodon and Other Giant Prehistoric Predators of the Deep

Amazing New Dinosaur Species Discovered

Maybe a large herbivore would be more safe. It is like seeing a shark. I love swimming with sharks but obviously most people's instincts is to swim away and ...

Spinosaurus Is the Holy Grail of Dinosaur Hunting

Details on the Spinosaurus, a massive dinosaur that was deadly on land and in the

Could the star of The Meg really bite a ship in half? We took a paleobiologist to the new movie to find out

... longer than the largest T. rex specimen known. Spinosaurus had jaws filled with vicious slanted teeth and a snout like that of a massive

'Horror show' shark discovered. '

A helicopter hovers over a massive shark in a still from the film.

The Great White Shark VS. T-Rex · EMagoIorSouI · Trexvs

Movie Review - The Meg

Dinosaur predator bigger than T-rex found - and it hunted in water - Life & Culture - Haaretz.com

Water-loving Spinosaurus preyed on sharks, car-size fish


land before time fact check

Nothosaurus Facts for Kids

Great White Shark 2

Do Megalodon sightings prove the prehistoric shark is still alive today?


Playing With History: Jurassic World Evolution And Tyrannosaurus Rex – TheSixthAxis

Megalodon. fossil shark



I've been lacerated by shark teeth and didn't feel a thing where I've handle alligator teeth (similar to crocodiles) in their mouths and they have ...

Whale sharks are the largest living fish. Shutterstock

did you know spinosaurus was bigger than a t rex and spent a lot of time in

Biggest hunting dinosaur was an aquatic shark-gobbler